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Back Pain
& Sciatica

We know back pain and sciatica can severely limit your ability to enjoy life. That's why our specialists are here to help.

We can help.

Ask yourself...

  • Has my back pain lasted for weeks, months, or years?

  • Does my back frequently "go out?"

  • Do I refrain from activities to avoid back pain?

  • Is my pain significantly worsened by bending over? Do I cringe tying my shoes?

  • Do I have pain after standing or walking for long periods? Do I feel the need to rest my elbows on grocery carts while I shop?

  • Is the pain in my back accompanied by pain, weakness, or tingling down one or both of my legs?

If one or more of these symptoms describe your situation; don't worry.


One of our doctors of physical therapy will assess your condition and discuss the likely causes with you. You'll be set up with an individualized treatment plan designed to deliver results you can feel.


Request an appointment, and let's get your pain taken care of. No referral is needed.

We treat: low back pain, sciatica, stenosis, radiculopathy, herniated or ruptured disc, degenerative joint or degenerative disc disease, SI or sacroiliac pain, thoracic pain, rib pain, arthritis, thoracic outlet syndrome.


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I thought I had ruined my back for good. The physical therapy, exercises, & dry needling made a huge difference. My lower back and hip pain are no longer an interference to my daily routines. I feel 100% better today.


I had lower back pain with shooting pain down my leg and foot with numbness and tingling. I was very skeptical about PT and wanted to go straight to a cortisone shot, but after my first visit I already knew PT was the way to go! They explained what was going on, why I was feeling the way I was, and most importantly- felt confident in a plan to get me back to normal. And they delivered! By week 2, I was already having significantly less pain and it was completely gone by week three. 


The best physical therapy experience ever! Before, I suffered with awful back pain, and it was hard to complete certain tasks due to this. With only a couple visits, I am pain-free and able to complete all my tasks pain-free! Also, everyone is so helpful and nice.

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