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Stay ahead of the game with our sports medicine specialists.

We can help.

Ask yourself...

  • Do I have an injury from being a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior?

  • Do I have shin splints or foot pain from running?

  • Do my elbows or shoulders hurt from throwing, racquet sports, or working out?

  • Does my back or neck hurt from leisure activities, competitions, or CrossFit workouts?

  • Does my knee or shoulder feel unstable from a contact sport, twist, or sprain?

  • Do I have headaches or dizziness after hitting my head?

  • Do I use a cane or walker due to feeling dizzy?

  • Does bright light cause me to feel dizzy?

  • Do I have motion sensitivity?

  • Have I had a recent concussion?

If one or more of these symptoms describe your situation; don't worry.


One of our doctors of physical therapy will assess your condition and discuss the likely causes with you. You'll be set up with an individualized treatment plan designed to get you back to the activities you love.


Request an appointment, and let's get your pain taken care of. No referral is needed.

We treat: concussions, all sports and activity related injuries, and post surgical rehabilitation



I initially came here with a strained hamstring. The injury took me completely out of track & field. Joel & Beth helped me recover extremely quickly.

My experience here not only healed me, but I also had a great time during my visits. Their kindness & understanding helped me through all of my rehab.


When I hurt my knee, I couldn't even walk normal. My knee felt unstable and weak. I couldn't straighten my knee all the way due to pain. Now I am pain-free and have full range of motion. I can walk normal and I am back to running. I am back in the weight room and will be back to sprinting full speed this week.

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I was unable to lift my arm above my head without pain and had shooting pain running through my shoulder and down my arm. PT helped to ease the pain and gain strength back. They provided a supportive environment and made my appointments fun... They were so supportive and caring and helped me to feel comfortable to throw a bowling ball or softball again.

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