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Improve your quality of life by addressing issues like vertigo, dizziness, balance difficulties, & nausea.

We can help.

Ask yourself...

  • Do I have dizzy spells?

  • Have I felt lightheaded lately?

  • Do I feel unsteady or unbalanced?

  • Have I fallen recently due to loss of balance?

  • Do I feel dizzy after rolling over in bed or first standing up?

  • Do I use a cane or walker due to feeling dizzy?

  • Does bright light cause me to feel dizzy?

  • Do I experience motion sensitivity?

If one or more of these symptoms describe your situation; don't worry.


One of our doctors of physical therapy will assess your condition and discuss the likely causes with you. You'll be set up with an individualized treatment plan designed to deliver results you can feel.


Request an appointment, and let's get your pain taken care of. No referral is needed.

We treat: Dizziness, balance, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, Benign Positional Vertigo, Tinnitus, spinning, nausea



I had vertigo and didn't have a clue what it was. I came to physical therapy, and in one week, was good to go with the treatment and exercises provided. I would have had it forever if I wouldn't have come. Thank you so much.


I was struggling with a balance issue (vertigo). My doctor suggested PT. After only one visit, my dizziness stopped and my sleep improved. I am thrilled with my improvement. Matt was awesome.

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I was having problems with vertigo. Driving was difficult and the dizzy feeling made me sick to my stomach. Since receiving PT, my symptoms are almost gone, and life is better everyday.

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